Friday, January 4, 2008

Starting 2008

A new life and a new blog - Ma King is unstopable with the blogs!  

So this is the blog of Cody Danger, especially made for friends who want to get an update on Codes without having to listen to us prattling on endlessly about how wonderful she is.

First up, the new family shot (not pictured: three neglectarino cats).

Starting with New Years Eve...  Kram, Jade and Victor came around for some baby talk and pizza.  Cody and Victor were pretty entertaining together.  They held hands for a second (neither realising it of course) but I wasn't quick enough to get a snap.  All I got was them both completely unaware that the other was there.

I really wanted to go to the hills near our house and watch the fireworks so everyone humoured me and we gathered the babies and bared the cold, rain and wind.  Pity the rain had fogged up the sky so much that you could barely see five meters in front of you let alone fireworks in the distance!

So we headed home and tried to get party girl to sleep!  First Cody photograph of 2008.  

The first of many, many, many, many.


  1. Hell yeah! I was waiting for some action on here. Happy new year to you all, let's see each other soon xo

  2. these are good times my lady - GREAT TIMES.

    haha and funniest series - i look forward to codys head in the corner of some great scenes!